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1.     Please reach to Sangam12 venue on time, it is good start early morning to avoid traffic issues in Bangalore.

2.    After security clearance from Crowne Plaza hotel,  please walk into registration desk with your registration number handy. In your case your registration number is XXXX

3.    Collect your Registration ID card: Have you ever tried to read a badge hidden under a coat lapel? Collect your conference badge at the registration badge and display it prominently on both days of the conference. 

4.    Occupy your seats no later than 8AM. Allow yourself about 15 minutes in the Venue before you get seated, to become familiar and comfortable with the surroundings.

5.    Filling Feedback Forms

a.     Speaker Feedback form: This will help speakers to improve on their negative areas and allows selecting more efficient speakers next time for you.

b.    Sangam12 Conference Feedback form: Please complete and share your experience. Help us do a better job next year.  Complete the form and collect a giveaway at the end of the conference

c.     Oracle Feedback form:  This is a feedback for Oracle.  Complete the form and collect a giveaway from Oracle

6.    Wi-Fi Zone: we are providing FREE Internet limited connectivity at Sangam12 venue near registration desk. Please collect your Wi-Fi password from AIOUG membership registration desk.

7.    Are you traveling from Outside Bangalore? Please check here for venue details.

8.     Visit the Bookstores at the venue during breakout times and avail special 25% discount on Oracle Press books.

9.    Have you referred someone else to attend Sangam12? You are eligible to get referral book coupon, please approach to AIOUG membership registration desk in break times.

10.  You can take nice snaps with Speakers/your friends/Colleagues in Sangam12 photo zone.

11.   Should you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to volunteers (wearing RED jackets).

Help Lines: 998 665 4946, 819 752 7500