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"Real World Performance"


Friday,November 2nd 2012


Tom Kyte Graham Wood Andrew Holdsworth


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For the first time and probably the only time you will get this opportunity to meet the performance gurus all presenting at the same time. Topics at this one day session will be covered in a conventional format with all three speakers chiming in to share their experience, rules and knowledge. Each presenter will have their own screen projector to demonstrate their individual points. Attendees will have the opportunity to get their performance related questions answered.


The biggest takeaway from Real World Performance will be an in-depth understanding of how critical architecture is to system performance, security, accuracy and the right tools and strategies for database deployment

Pictures provided by Gokhan Atil, Turkish Oracle Users Group

How application design can lead to poorly performing applications
Database connections
    SQL statement parsing
    Row by row processing rather than set based operations
    Why isn't the query using my index
  Where have Oracle customers struggled with performance of their Data Warehouse
    Data Loading
    Data Validation and Verification
    ETL and Transformation
    What went wrong
    Impact of Partitioning
    Impact of Compression
    Data Transfer Rates
  Learn about concurrency
    How to solve concurrency issues
    What are major concurrency inhibitors
  Performance Diagnosis and Instrumentation
    Database Time
    Using tools such as AWR, EM and ADDM
  Best practices
    SQL Design and Implementation
    SQL Optimization


These are just a few of the many topics!! Don't miss this opportunity!


Thanks to IOUG ( for designing the Real World Performance (RWP) concept. RWP tours are conducted in various parts of the world, please visit your respective user group website to find if such an event is happening near you.


RWP schedule in the Americas can be found here












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