Arup Nanda has been an Oracle Technologist for the last 18 years, touching all aspects of Oracle database management and development from modeling to performance tuning to disaster recovery. He has written about 500 published articles, presented about 300 sessions all over the world and coauthored 4 books. He is an Oracle ACE Director, member of the Oaktable network, a member of the SELECT Journal Editorial board and member of the Board of Directors for the Exadata SIG.  In recoginition of professional accomplishments and community involvement, Oracle chose him as the DBA of the year 2003 and Architect of the year in 2012.  He has provided training sessions under Oracle University's Celebrity Seminar series in 13 countries.






Session at Sangam

 Partitioning Tips and Tricks (includes 12c)
 Statistics Gathering Tips and Techniques (includes 12c)
 Multitenant Database in 12c Demystified
 Beginning Performance Troubleshooting
 PL/SQL in Oracle 12c
 Top 20 New Features for Oracle 12c for Developers
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