Develop HA Applications for Planned and Unplanned Database Outages

Oracle drivers and connection pools provide built-in HA mechanisms which work in coordination with the Oracle database to furnish graceful applications failover in the face of planned and unplanned outages.
This session covers built-in Java/JDBC/UCP HA mechanisms in RAC, RAC One, Oracle Restart, Data Guard, and Global Data Services environments. The session will describe how FAN events, the SimpleFAN API, Fast Connection Failover, Transaction Guard and Application Continuity come into play in planned and unplanned outages scenario.
The session will also discuss how middle-tier Java EE Containers and frameworks can leverage those built-in mechanisms.

Kuassi Mensah is Group Product Manager for Oracle Database Data Access services, Net Services, and database programming APIs (Java, C/C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl). Mr Mensah holds a MS in Computer Sciences from the Programming Institute of University of Paris VI. He is is a frequent speaker at Oracle and IT events; has published several articles and a book @ He maintains a blog @, and facebook, linkedin, and twitter pages.

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