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An Application Developer plays a key role in Managing and Maintaining Scalability of a Production System. The way application queries are designed and written are vital for optimal performance. Apart from Aplication queries, optimizer statistics are important as well. While periodic gathering of optimizer statistics is Production DBA's task, how to gather these are requires critical inputs from the Developers. Therefore, it is quite evident that Developers play a prominent role even if they do not own the production system.

This session is for Developers, Development DBA's and Production DBA's. To connect with the audience, the session will walk through some of the Real Life Performance issues and resolutions. Query & Process Optimization, Cost Based Optimizer and some new features will be discussed with less of slides and more of examples.

Vivek Sharma is an Oracle Technologist with around 10+ years of experience in Oracle. He specializes in Performance Optimization of Oracle Databases and Applications. He has been instrumental in several success stories at large customer base ranging from telecom companies to Banking & Insurance Organizations. Vivek likes to share his day to day challenges and blogs on

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