Oracle 12c Data Guard New Features

Oracle 12c Data Guard comes with several new features where Far Sync Standby reveals to be the main one. FarSync Standby and a physical standby are identical except that FarSync doesn’t hold any data file, it works only with control file and represents an extended version of pre 12c cascaded databases. In this presentation I will start by presenting the FarSync architecture and its configurations particularly in special cases like switchovers (drills). I will then explain how to implement FarSync, how to manage it under Data Guard broker configuration and how MRP (Recovery) works in the context of a FarSync configuration. And finally I will end this presentation by covering 12c TOP Data Guard features such as Real-time cascade standby database and other features as well.

Nassyam Basha is a Database Administrator. He holds master’s degree in Computer Applications from the University of Madras. He started practising with dBase and FoxPro, and has participated in several projects with FoxPro and started dealing with Oracle database technologies from past 7 years. He is an Oracle 11g Certified Professional having good knowledge in Oracle technologies such as Data Guard, RMAN, RAC. He actively participates in Oracle-related forums such as OTN and the profile is( and also contributed in Oracle-Lists. He maintains an Oracle technology-related blog, ( and he recently co-authored with Emre Baransel on Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 administration beginners guide for PACKT publications( and he is reachable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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