Best Practices for Zero Downtime: When Outages Are Not an Option

Oracle Database 12c combined with Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture best practices redefines expectations for platinum-level service for business-critical databases. Software and hardware failures and planned maintenance are inevitable, but Oracle Database 12 automates operational recovery and makes outages transparent to users while providing unique protection for Oracle Database data. Come to this session to learn Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture best practices and see demonstrations of what is bringing data availability and protection to a completely new level.

Jim Viscusi is an Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Corporation, having worked at Oracle for over 18 years.  He currently leads the Manageability Section of Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) team. The team has two primary goals. We provide best practices on high availability, maintenance and diagnosability of Oracle's management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager and ASR  Also we make sure that customers have the best possible experience when managing Oracle's Engineered systems such as Exadata.  While our work goes directly into the product and documentation, we also publish white papers available from Oracle MAA website, (

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