About Sangam

Sangam, the largest independent Oracle user’s group conference will feature over 100+ in-depth technical sessions presented by expert speakers from inside and outside of Oracle. Over 1000+ database administrators, developers and architects professionals are expected at the conference from Friday 11th & Saturday 12th November 2016 at Crowne Plaza Bengaluru Electronics City . This is our moment of glory and time for you to join us!

After the first year of registering as a user group and getting to understand the interests of Oracle user community in India, through technology days (TechDay) and technology nights (TechNight) in various cities around the country, we launched a user conference calling speakers from around the world to share their knowledge and experience with users in India. Our first conference was Sangam09 held in September 2009 in Bangalore. We invited Tom Kyte to provide three, half day seminar series. Along with the seminar by Tom Kyte, we also invited key speakers from inside and outside Oracle to do sessions for the remaining period of the day. This was the first event conducted by us at such a large scale. We had a lot to learn from the interests of attendees and how to reach out to those who could not attend. Our second conference Sangam10 was held in September 2010 in Hyderabad. We invited Jonathan Lewis to provide two, half day seminar series. Along with the seminar by Jonathan Lewis, we also invited key speakers from inside and outside Oracle to do sessions for the remaining period of the day. Based on a survey we conducted at Sangam09 and Sangam10, we discovered that Oracle users in India preferred to have this event towards the end of the week/weekend. So they could use their personal time to learn and educate themselves. Sangam11 which was hosted on Friday and Saturday was an outcome of this survey and request from our users. 

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Our previous key speakers

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Sangam14 - Tom Kyte, Maria Colgan, Jim Viscusi

Sangam13 – Arup Nanda

Sangam12 – Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth, Graham Wood

Sangam11 – Arup Nanda

Sangam10 – Jonathan Lewis

Sangam09 – Tom Kyte 

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As part of the survey in Sangam16, we asked attendees who they would like to listen to and learn from in 2015. Apart from key sessions, we had breakout sessions from various key speakers from around the world. We had a great response from several Oracle experts from around the world. To ensure that the papers selected match our user’s interests, we requested attendees from previous Sangam conference to help us with the selection process. Through a ranking system with 1 being the low and 10 being the high we requested our volunteers to rank the various abstracts and thus the papers with the highest scores were selected.