Give Us Your Thoughts About Oracle Product Designs

Oracle Applications User Experience team hosts Onsite Product Usability Testing Lab at the SANGAM16 Conference

Want to impress your colleagues? Your manager? Imagine being able to say to them, “So, did I ever tell you about the time I helped Oracle design some of their hot applications?” Yes, that opportunity is coming up—at the SANGAM16 conference.


For two days, the Oracle Applications User Experience team will run one-on-one user feedback sessions. You can participate and give Oracle your thoughts about proposed designs for Oracle applications. Your feedback will directly affect the usability of Oracle applications to make them intuitive and easy to use. You’ll make a difference.


Check out this video to hear what Oracle customers and partners have to say about their experiences:



How do I get involved? This event fills up quickly, and seats are limited. Advance registration is required. In order to reserve a spot for yourself and your colleagues or to get additional info, please contact 

When?  November 11-12, 2016

Where?  At the Crowne Plaza Bengaluru Electronics City


Want to learn more about Oracle Applications User Experience team, visit UsableApps


**This program is managed by Oracle Corporation. Participants will be selected and contacted directly by the members of Oracle Applications User Experience team for participation and scheduling. Participation requires that your company or organization has a Customer Participation Confidentiality Agreement (CPCA) on file. If your company or organization does not have a CPCA on file, we will start the process of getting one.