Call for Papers

Speaker Guidelines

We will accept papers on any topic related to Oracle Cloud, Oracle Database, Oracle Applications (EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel), Middleware, Engineered Systems, BigData, Virtualization and Servers and Storage. Please follow the following guidelines to submit your papers.

Similar to all user group conferences around the world, speakers selected will get free registration.  Travel, accommodation, and expenses will be the responsibility of the speakers.

Please note that presentations should not have sales or marketing content.  This is a user’s conference and should have technical value to the attendees. Presentations containing any kind of sales or marketing information will be disqualified.

Important Dates for Speakers: 

Deadline to submit abstracts: 25 Aug 2017 (Completed)
Approximate date you will be notified:  

  • Group 1: 10th Sep 2017 (Completed)
  • Group 2: 24th Sep 2017 (Completed)
  • Group 3 (Final Notification): 8th Oct 2017 (Completed)
  • Deadline to submit white papers: 30th Oct 2017 (Completed)
  • Deadline to submit Version 1 of your presentations: 15th Nov 2017 (Completed)
  • Deadline to submit copies of presentations: 30th Nov 2017 (Completed)

How to request additional speakers/Co-speakers

Please complete your additional/ co-speaker(s)  request on or before 15th Nov 2017.
Note: For getting additional speaker conference pass, please follow the normal registration channel.

How to submit a paper:

A simple process to fill following Google Form
CFP Link - 

Selection Process:

Once the CFP closes, the presentations will be selected by a panel of judges who have attended previous Sangam conferences.  Basically, his is a user’s conference and we allow our users to select what topics they want to listen. Panelists will score each paper on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). Papers with highest scores will be selected.

Guidelines to Submit White Paper:

White papers will be published in the Sangam16 edition of Oracle Connect.  Oracle Connect is a technical journal of AIOUG published quarterly. Check this link for Articles Submission Guidelines.

Contact Us:

For questions regarding the Call for Proposals, send an e-mail to