Sangam FAQs

I am not a member, Can I still attend?

Our annual user conference “Sangam” can be attended by both members and non-members. 

I am already a member, can I attend for free?

AIOUG offers several events throughout the year for our members, however, for an event of this large scale, we have an additional cost to cover. 

Why is the conference on Friday, Saturday?

During previous Sangam events, we asked our attendees to give us feedback.  Attendees requested that we organize the event towards the end of the week /weekend.  So they could use their personal time to learn and educate themselves. 

Can I register at the venue?

Onsite registration cannot be guaranteed, registration is on a first cum first-serve basis.  Only if seats are available will online registration be available.

Any guidelines to be followed during registration?

  • Registration is on first cum first-serve basis
  • Please fill the registration forms completely
  • Registration is considered valid only after payment has been credited
  • Delegates paying in foreign currency should pay in equivalent INR
  • Ensure you use a correct email address for all future AIOUG communications

Once I register can I cancel?

You can cancel your registration at any time before the event.  However, no refund will be made for any cancellations.  Once you cancel. Your seat will be allocated to others and your attendance depends on the availability of seats.

Can I transfer my conference pass to my colleague?

Yes, please contact if you would like to transfer your registration.  All transfers have to be completed 15 days before the event.

How do I book accommodation?

AIOUG has negotiated discounts with several hotels within a 3 KM radius from the event venue.  Click here for a list of hotels near the event venue.

Will there be food and beverages provided at the conference?

The conference registration entitles you to morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch on two days of the conference.

If I don't want food and beverages can I get an additional discount?

Apart from the early bird registration discounts, AIOUG offers no other type of discount for the registration.

How can I present at AIOUG events?

AIOUG offers several opportunities to speak

  • At TechWeb: our webcasts
  • At TechDay or TechNight: AIOUG conducts monthly events in various cities around the country.
  • At Sangam: AIOUG conducts our annual user’s conference once a year.
  • At Yatra: Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra or Tour is a series of Ten events across Ten major cities 
  • Please write to us at  to indicate your interest to present at AIOUG events.

What is the schedule for the TechDay/TechNight events?

TechDay and TechNight events are free events organized by AIOUG in various cities throughout the country.  The holding of these free events depends on organizations providing space to host these events.  TechDay and TechNight schedules are posted at our meetup groups.