Oracle DEMO Zone

Cloud Infrastructure for Cloud Native Development

Cloud-Native Digital banking asset that shows the following:
1) The ease of releasing code updates to production (DevOps and Microservices)
2) Auto-scaling of an application to meet the demand
3) The power of Microservices and ATP

Key Aspects

Auto Scaling, DevOps, Microservices, ATP, Banking

Move and Improve on Cloud Infrastructure

In this demo, we would like to showcase how the packaged application like EBS, Siebel, Peoplesoft migration OCI. Apart from the Packaged application, we can show the value of monitoring our Identity and access management systems using OMC.

Key Aspects

Life and Shift, Oracle Application – EBS, PeopleSoft, OMC

Oracle Autonomous

Demos showcasing the power of Oracle Autonomous and Analytics Cloud. The use cases are segregated by Industries to appeal to the respective Audience

Key Aspects

Autonomous Database, Analytics, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom and Retail, Water Management

Oracle Blockchain

The demo simplifies the issuing and verification of certificates for students. It uses ADW for analytics. Generic version of what we did for one of our customers Taibah Valley.

Key Aspects

We can also showcase e-Voting using Oracle Blockchain. Education, Blockchain, ADW, Analytics

Database In-Memory Temperature Trends Demo

The Database In-Memory Temperature Trends demo showcases Database In-Memory's  incredible analytic capabilities. Database In-Memory introduces an in-memory only columnar format and a new set of SQL execution optimizations such as SIMD processing, column elimination, storage indexes and In-Memory aggregation all of which are designed specifically for the new columnar format. This demonstration showcases transactions that query real-world weather system data for the past 21 years. Queries are run based on user selections and compare the performance between running analytic queries using the In-Memory column store versus the traditional row store. Two different demonstrations are available. One looks at average temperature trends for the European region over the past 21 years. The region or city is user selectable. A second demonstration provides the ability to show the number of "Hot Days" based on a user selectable temperature. The demo shows the number of days that the selected temperature was exceeded over the past 21 years. Again, the region or city is also user selectable.

Securing Data Using Oracle Database Maximum Security Architecture

Oracle Databases hold the majority of the world’s relational data and are attractive targets for attackers. Compromise of a single Oracle Database can result in tens of millions of breached records costing millions and unrecoverable reputation loss. Learn how you can safeguard your most valuable data with Oracle’s powerful preventive and detective security controls.

Also learn about Oracle Data Security Cloud Service that provides a single control plane through which you can quickly implement strategies and controls to manage risk. It helps you visualize and understand the sensitive data in your care, evaluate configuration risks, enable auditing and detective controls, mask data in non-production environments, and lot more.